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Challenging production tasks are increasingly being outsourced at a fixed rate. This benefits the outsourcer in terms of time and cost savings. If you choose Trauwert GmbH as your outsourcing partner, you'll also be guaranteed that the work will be finished to the highest standards of German workmanship. This is why our competencies include high-end, time-intensive development and assembly operations that companies want to hive off from their main activities. With a qualified partner like Trauwert GmbH, you'll know what the fixed rate will be when you place the order.

So what sets Trauwert Gmbh apart
  • Fast, professional processing of requests
  • Straightforward communication thanks to simple decision-making processes
  • Fast turnaround (cutting tools can be delivered from just two weeks after your order is taken)
  • We can manufacture your tools in small batch series or large volumes
  • Optimal price/performance ratio
  • Trauwert is a reliable and experienced partner