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Two young men – inventive and innovative

Jürgen Traub and Simon Siewert met in 2001. Jürgen Traub was a trained toolmaker who had acquired in-depth expertise and insisted on the highest standards of quality. He had been working for many years with roller bearings in machine axes and complex, high-precision component assembly. He proved his attention to detail while working for years on the precision-grinding of machine bearings for machine manufacturer Jung in Göppingen.
Simon Siewert had moved around various jobs, taking on new challenges each time. He worked at the brush manufacturing site Mink Bürsten for a time, where he was in charge of setting up the automated bristle-fastening machines. He programmed, assembled and reconfigured the machines. It was while working on the horizontal bristle-fastening equipment that he became aware of the considerable problems presented by the cutting tools that were in use at that time.

He then took the first steps towards creating the innovative product that Trauwert presents to you today. Siewert, the young and innovative mechanic, and Jürgen Traub, his colleague both then and now, puzzled together over the possibility of using a roller bearing guideway for the new, much more efficient and effective cutting tools they had recently developed.

They patented their invention, and Trauwert GmbH was born. What began as a series of experiments has now resulted in a marketable product. At Trauwert GmbH, high-precision grinding as the final step in the production process guarantees that each tool offers the accuracy that is so essential. In addition to sales, the company can also offer maintenance services.