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Jung JF 520
The JF 520 is a surface grinding machine, which has been tried and tested over many years. It offers a wide range of settings and output options, and ensures maximum precision.

Jung JF 625
Thanks to its digital, triple-axis measurement control system, the Jung JF 625 is a flexible surface and profile grinding machine with many applications. At 600 x 300 mm, if offers a particularly large grinding surface.
Jung JE 525
The JE 525 is a CNC-controlled profile grinding machine, which guarantees the highest possible precision across the entire grinding area, both at creep speed and during plunge grinding. It is used in combination with the PA 37 K profile dresser.
Triple-axis profile dresser Jung PA 37 K
The triple-axis profile dresser Jung PA 37 K is a profile dressing system used for the profiling of grinding disks. It can be used with a diamond star (with up to six dressing diamonds) or a free-rotating, powered diamond wheel.